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Anonym said: That's amazing O_O I'm going to do japanese classes, do you have any advices for me?(i'm a little anxious you know...)

hey, that’s great and first of all, don’t worry too much :) 
hmmm.. advice..lemme think. 
don’t try learning the language only in hiragana, always make sure to work with kanji. but maybe use the JLPT kanji list to decide the order of the words you wanna learn. there are also lists (on the internet and on apps and stuff) with which you can learn kanji by school grades (the way they are being taught in japan) or frequency in newspapers (which I find very useful actually). 
get yourself a good grammar book with english (or even better in your native language, if english is not it ^^) instructions and exemplifications and just start!
you will need to learn hiragana and katakana at first, of course, but that’s an easy job. then, by and by, add the kanji gradually. 
it would be perfect if your grammar book also had a CD so you could practice listening skills. 
and if you feel like you’re getting better, try and listen to japanese songs more carefully, read the lyrics, watch anime with english subtitles. that really helps!
just make sure you always actually DO stuff! so keep up the kanji practice, cause it will probably never stop ;) write as much as you can but also read as much as you can. you will soon realize that reading kanji is something entirely different then writing them. 
after learning new grammar and sentence structures try forming your own sentences with new vocabulary that you’ve also just learned. 
and of course, if you get the chance to go to japan or have japanese people around you, try and talk! it helps a lot!! 

I hope I could help a little and take away your anxiety :) 
if you have any more questions, just go ahead and ask ^^

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Ruki: I'm home, Tokyo
Ruki: diving into my bed
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istishiaのコメント: I gave up on season 2

season 3 was the best though. .and then.. downwards..

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can I just say how fucked up it is that when the girls are on the pink ride and have the camp fire, playing ‘I never’, shane seriously says she’s never been in love.. wtf.. what about carmen..?… tsss.. I hate, how this show turned into total crap after season 3… 

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theiwcanellのコメント: Omg, this is so brutal ..
kurenaihasuのコメント: In these couple of days was pretty big the fact that a 15 years old girl murdered and beheaded a classmate. I can’t tell if that’s what he’s talking about since it could be literally anything he saw on the news but that was shocking to me :/

oh… fuck. 

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theiwcanellのコメント: Thank you! When I saw how many tweets he posted I was really curious.. Now I’m curious, what he meant by the last one (crime and so..) Aww our Ruki seems to never sleep 😂 and then overthinking and writing too much yet I still don’t understand 🙈

you know O.o I have no idea myself :( it may also be cause I translated it incorrectly but I reaaaally tried and it was so confusing, sometimes I feel like he’s drunk (or maybe I am :D)..
yeah, he really does seem to never sleep, doesn’t he? ;D 
but he’s a big guy, i’m sure he’s taking care.. 
maybe he was talking about the war(s) in general.. I dunno..:-/ 

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Anonym said: Hey, how many languages do you speak?I felt curious when i saw you answer a ask that was in...(german maybe?)

hey ^^
yeah, it was german. which is also my native language. 
I also speak english, turkish, a little japanese and juuust a little dutch ^^

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nyanko-pon said: to the anon asking about the Garish Room: the shipping is 1500 yen (because they only ship with EMS) this is around $15 there is also a order processing fee of 400 yen(about $4) if you pay by credit card the total for ordering it would make it around $15 to $19

thank you, my dear! ;) i hope you got your answers, anon ;) 

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Anonym said: Shipping will probably be 15 dollars for GR. That was how much it cost last time I checked for me. You can always put it in your cart and pretend you're buying it but only go as far to see how much it will cost after shipping then cancel the order and don't put in your card information yet.

thank you! :) 
for the anon ;)

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Anonym said: Hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I just wanted to thank you for your translations! I'm really happy that we get to see these tweets (even when ruki deletes them lol!) it's really appreciated <3 thanks again for your work even though you are busy >_<!!

ooooh thank you, dear *_*
I just hope I get them right (most of the time, it should be fine though ^^) 
and you’re very welcome! I’m glad you appreciate it ;)