[GIFS REQUEST 26/? - for ndykirana]

匿名: Do you know the movie tittles?
nyanko-ponのコメント: btw the movies seem to be Skyfall, Bourne Identity, the Mechanic, the Dark Knight and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol in case some people were interested

thanks dear ;) 

nyanko-ponのコメント: I think he wrote something about movies he likes ^^

cool, thanks dear ^^

匿名: who did ruki interview this month?

I don’t think he interviewed anyone for this month’s issue, did he?
can anyone help? :) 

匿名: im sorry if i sound stupid...but whats a v.a?

don’t worry ;) 
it’s a free monthly magazine by tsutaya. 
ruki has a short column in it every moth, I think, where he interviews other artists ;)

Ruki: Did everyone go pick up the V.A. yet?
a. yes
b. no