• Reita: around this time of the day my spirits go up the most!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~* hey!!! u are a cutie friend!!!!! send this to 5 other users and let them know they are cuties too! *~✧』

thank you dear!! right back at ya! :) <3 <3 

can you please translate AOI (Profile) on twitter? he posted a NEW one.... Thank you ^ ^

sorry.. I don’t really understand what exactly he’s saying O.o 
aoi’s japanese has always been a challenge for me every once in a while. I’m sorryyy >_< 

huan-huan hat gesagt: Hey dear, ” 色んな ” means “a lot” no ? ^^

by quite a few I mean a lot/many

quite a few as in = 
a whole lot, a good many, plenty 

you know? ;) 


RUKI of the GazettE has launched an organic cosmetics brand called「VITAL MATERIAL」.

RUKI who has expressed interested in cosmetics has started this cosmetics brand which combines music, ART and organic.

The 1st COLLECTION consists of hand cream, hand gel, hand soap, Eau de Toilette and reed diffusers. Orders are being accepted at the website http://vitalmaterial.com. However, as stated in the website, no international orders available.

  • Reita: work on the editing continues.
  • on another note, there are quite a few foreign dramas, huh.
  • seems difficult to watch them all in one lifetime.
  • I’ll just watch them in my next life!

  • Reita: I wanna do a liiiive!

oh, he is, he iiiiis!!! 💘

oh, he is, he iiiiis!!! 💘

Reita: got it in advance!

Reita: got it in advance!




The GazettE - C.Y. HEAD from the tribute album “FUCK THE BORDER LINE”, for 黑夢 (Kuroyume) , released in 2011!

Oh no… one more album i have to buy lol

  • Reita: all the members are here but we’re waiting for the editing, so we’re relaxing a little.
  • since I’ve never slept I don’t understand what it means to feel sleepy.

  • Ruki: in the middle of PV editing LAST HEAVEN

@Vif_music: 【News】RUKI(the GazettE)がクリエイトするオーガニックコスメブランド始動!http://t.co/sNDk0RNilE #Vif #theGazettE #RUKI #VITALMATERIAL

@Vif_music: 【News】RUKI(the GazettE)がクリエイトするオーガニックコスメブランド始動!http://t.co/sNDk0RNilE #Vif #theGazettE #RUKI #VITALMATERIAL